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Thanks for the words.

So what I am hearing is it is more about the complexity and workload in each instance, not the Syphon linking itself?

I like the segemented workflow because in Quartz, I can easily change video feeds and patches without recompiling – plus I am fluent in it. However I can see that incorporating some of the functions I am using in QC should be integrated.

Using openCV however, is a bit necessary, but I am also going to explore other tracking environments such as the other Blob libraries for processing. Maybe these are less intensive? I really just need the contours, centroid, and ID for each blob. I like OpenCV for processing because it’s well documented and powerful – but perhaps too resource intensive as you mentioned.

I’ll be adding some boids on top of all this and I noticed the last time i did this install it was running slow so I am trying to scout out the landscape before a few weeks of solid coding.