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Yea, the Readback from the GPU to OpenCV, and then the added latency of doing the computer vision work is going to massively drop your frame rate.

Syphon is optimized for running on the GPU – so ping ponging between Camera (CPU) to Syphon (GPU), To Quartz Composer (GPU) to PS3 Eye (OpenCV, CPU) to MadMapper (GPU).

Now, if all of those steps were on the GPU you’d likely have little problems (I’m aware of users running content for shows with more servers in realtime sans issue).

Some suggestions:

See if you can run the camera at lower resolutions – remove the Quartz Composer step to resize frames.

Run an OpenFrameworks OpenCV app instead, which has much more control over camera -> OpenCV and resizing and hinting to OpenCV which fframes to use. Its more work (and if you don’t program, yea, its likely out of the question) and will likely take longer.

You could cut it down to:

Camera ->(CPU) Openframeworks convert to OpenCV (CPU), and then to Syphon to whomever and keep it on the GPU.

Notice there is no ping ponging happening there.

Optimizing video can be difficult, especially when you don’t always have control of the black boxes you run it through.