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First run a video or game that smoothly runs at 60 FPS, preferably at low resolution to maximize performance. Use Command + Shift + 4 to bring up a crosshair that shows you the X/Y coordinates of your monitor and note the window’s origin values.

Quartz Composer

• Open basic composition in Quartz Composer.
• From the library window, drag v002 Screen Capture, Billboard, and Syphon Server blocks to the editor.
• Connect v002 Screen Capture output to Image inputs of Billboard and Syphon.
• Open Syphon inspector and change source from Image to OpenGL Scene.
• Open v002 Screen Capture inspector and change height, width, and X/Y origins to desired size and location.
• Open Billboard inspector and change Dimensions Mode (under Settings) to Real Size. Under Input Parameters adjust Y position as needed.
• Choose a resolution preset in the viewer or set it to custom and resize the window to match the desired dimensions.

Syphon Recorder Settings

• Compressor: Any will do, but for this test use None (Uncompressed).
• Preserve Alpha Channel on or off.
• Quality: Lossless
• Frame Rate: 60
• Dimensions: Set to the same resolution as the QC viewer.
• Audio Input: Soundflower (2ch)
• Audio Format: Linear PCM