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Thanks for the rapid response, bangnoise! Yep, I just saw mention of the cmd-alt-R-from-anywhere solution in the other thread – sorry, I should have RTFM. Currently looking into options for generating keypresses in Max (options found so far on are either deprecated/AWOL or Windows only) – will post a compressed patcher here to sum up when I find a working solution.

The implementation for this project isn’t a sampler (in the instrument sense) but an installation, so truly rapid scrubbing may not be necessary. In the end, rather than a continuous loop, it may be the case that recording is only triggered by presence detection, resulting in auto-recording a library of clips when there’s activity in the space. In any case, the keyboard shortcut solution seems like it should do it.

When I’m on a less garbage-y computer I’ll try a shootout between jit.qt.record and Syphon Recorder and post results.

Thanks again for all your guidance and your superlative software! I missed you guys at the SAT in Montreal this Spring, but next time you’re up here, feel free to collect the beer I owe you…