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So, I’m compiling with XCode 5.1.1, on 10.9.4, testing on Yosemite Developer Preview 7.
I’m distributing the app as a download, outside the App Store.
I don’t want Gatekkeper telling people it’s unsafe, so I need to code sign it.
For this, I have a Mac Developer Program, created a certificate, app identifier and provisioning profile following Apple’s App Distribution Guide

No need to sign or recompile Syphon.framework!

On my project…
– Target > General > Sign > NONE
– Built Settings > Code Signing Identity > Release > “3rd Party Mac Developer Application”
– Built Settings > Provisioning Profile > None
– New File > Shell Script > Name it “”
– Paste the script content from here: (I just removed everything related to ENTITLEMENTS, because I don’t need a Sandbox, it’s for production)
– Build Phases > Add > Run Script (after Copy Files Frameworks) > Check “Run script only when installing” > Fill with “./”
– Project > Archive
– Select the archive > Distribute > Export Developer-ID signed Application > Select your Developer ID > save it somewhere

Now to properly test it, you need to quarantine your app. There’s two ways to do this:
– Email the app to yourself and download the attachment on Mail.
– Upload to some web server and download with Safari.

Download it on your Yosemite installation, run and it should be fine.