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I’ve been playing with Syphon this week, and I just tried the Projector plugin. Here’s how to do it:

Add the mesh that will be your screen to your scene.

In Unity, go to GameObject/Create empty and then rename that new object Projector. Click on the new Projector object and then go to Component/Effects/Projector. Now you have a game object with a projector component.

Look in your Assets folder under Plug-ins/Syphon Texture-Advanced and drag the SyphonClientTextureProjector script onto your Projector object in the Hierarchy. Now fill in the blanks in this script: VDMX5 as the app, and the name of your VDMX layer being served by Syphon as Client Name. You don’t have to change the default projector texture.

Hit play in Unity and it should work if it is pointed at your target mesh (I just used a plane with no special texture). Adjust the projection by moving or pivoting the projector and/or changing the projector component settings.

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