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I haven’t done any direct work with VLCKit but I did look into it. If I recall correctly they have some lower level APIs and higher level APIs that give you a view to draw to.

Considering you need:

* An OpenGL context to initialize Syphon – and preferably one that is owned or ‘shared’ with a GL context used by the host app you are attempting to get frames from

* Either the OpenGL texture ID, or a handle on to the CPU side bytes of the data, where you make a texture yourself to pass to Syphon

I would suggest that you forego looking at higher level convenience API’s and try to find a VLCKit example that

* Draws to an OpenGL context
* Has an obvious Texture upload component, where VLCKit submits CPU side data to be drawn.

You could then more easily shim Syphon into that pipeline, than via Views and scraping, which is slower, less efficient and more prone to weird issues.