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Hey Bangnoise, thanks for the quick reply.

I can imagine how you could share two feeds using Syphon and combine in another app, but I am having trouble pulling the RGB AND IR at the same time. In the v002 patch you have to select the image format: either “color” or “Infrared”. To select the different options it seems like you have to use two patches, one set to “Infrared” the other set to “Color” and then combine.

I tried making two comps, each with a single instance set to “color” and “infrared” respectively, but still the “color” comp was the only one to load. I feel like this is close and you know what I am trying to grasp.

To be sure, I am looking for the “clean IR” not the depth map.

Could you please help me understand what you meant and how to accomplish this?

Thanks you,