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Sorry to say, I´ve fooled myself as a late switcher from fcp7 to fcpx.
But happy to say it seems to be working with fcpx! – but not fcp7.

Great, because I was using the FCP syphon server mock-up from Vade, for edition live from final cut via quartz composer to four or six projection screens. It works, somehow, with fcp7 but not fcpx.

I was thinking loads more people would be doing this by now:
Working right from an editor onto a custom stage environment, you´d need expensive stuff like Dataton, which gives you a fraction of the possibilities.

So, off to do the custom console stuff to get the preferred resolution, which in my case would be 2048 x 2304

Thanks for your work, I´ll try to post the “no problem in problem folder”
-sound great, that!